Guest Strip +1

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Hey everyone!  I’ve done a guest strip for the ever-talented Jen Vaughn!  It’s about merfolk angst!  Joy!  You can check it out at her neat-o website:  Mermaid Hostel I certainly had fun working with Jen’s characters/brush-style and relished the opportunity to tone the work with watercolors (I generally suck at toning.)  Here’s a one-off I did with one of Jen’s  characters, the lovable Digby, in a not-so-fun close-living-quarters-with-strangers moment.

Plus, here’s a mock-splash page for a fake N-Man story, while I (continue) to warm up (or, er Silver Age myself) for the project.


Call the Exterminator

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More preliminary sketches as I await the finalization of the project pitch.  Here’s N-Man about to clobber an unprepared Comrade Cockroach, Soviet Super-Villain.  I’m such a sucker for halftone.

From the Vaults

Posted in Painting on June 5, 2010 by jonfineart

After going through some old work, I’ve decided to pluck out and share some earlier material that has yet to appear on this site.  Apologies to my oil brushes…they’re suffering from extreme neglect.  More to come over the next few weeks.

Clockwise from top left: Amy (Cosmo); Impatient Sufferers (after Kirchner’s ‘Artist Group’); Linus, man of leisure; La Ville Devenait; Hassid; Yo Lo Vi (Pakistan)

Project Tease

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So I haven’t been so good with the posting lately.  However, I am proud to say that I’ve finished up my final first year (mini-thesis) project here at the Center for Cartoon Studies.  Selections from the comic, the first installment in a three-part narrative, will be uploaded soon.  Until then, here’s a little peak at my first sketch-up for a summer project…

…working on ‘Sturdy’ Steve Bissette’s Naut Comics premier 1963 title: N-Man!  Time to polish those chops.

And Now for Something(s) Completely Different

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Yep, that’s a baby flamingo.  Cute little buggers, eh?  Keep scrolling down for some preliminary mock-up pages from two upcoming projects, a historical-fiction mini-thesis and an outer-space, rock ‘n roll, (literally) mind-blowing short.

Inner-Mechanics (Auto-Non)

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Both an example of automatic drawing, a surrealist technique, and a visual overview of my (non)-functioning brain.


Posted in CCS on March 14, 2010 by jonfineart

A short piece which was executed as part of a monologue exercise.  Here, actor Francisco Fernande (no, he’s not real) dramatically interprets the final radio address of Salvador Allende.  With gusto!